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Artwork of Stefan Sagmeisterthere’s something bittersweet about this


my goal in life is to be so hot that people can’t pronounce words right when they’re trying to talk to me





S’mores Stuffed French Toast

He invited me to Santa Cruz. I’m not the type to turn down an adventure. But he wants me to go so he can be with me. I want to go just so I can see the world. & I think that says a lot about the way I handle most relationships.


i love watching pets sleep bc you see their belly go up and down when they breathe and you’re like wow this is a lil living creature that’s all mine to play with

I don’t pay attention to the
world ending.
It has ended for me
many times
and began again in the morning.

— Nayyirah Waheed  (via daughterofgollum)