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"Don’t take ~chemicals~ like prozac, I heard you can get the same effect by eating 19 oranges a day, that’s only 570 oranges a month!!!"

"Yeah I know you have horrible panic attacks but like, have you tried yoga?"

"Yeah I understand depression completely stops you from doing everyday tasks AND that you then feel guilty about that… But you have to just power through it and get on with things as normal!"

This is literally David & me.

Dawn Patrol at Great Reno Balloon Race
Reno, Nevada, USA | by Beau Rogers

The Incas, the Aztecs, the Mayans, all dark-skinned Indian people, had a highly developed culture here in America, in what is now Mexico and northern South America. These people had mastered agriculture at the time when European white people were still living in mud huts and eating weeds. But white children, or black children, or grown-ups here today in America don’t get to read this in the average books they are exposed to.

— Malcolm X (via american-radical)

Not wanting to eat but doing it anyways




can we talk about feminism oNCE without making sure men’s feelings aren’t hurt is that too much to ask for